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<p>Hand-drawn strategy-RPG Regalia - Of Sons and Monarchs will be coming to PS Vita.</p><p>This is due to the PS Vita stretch goal of $60,000 having been surpassed in the last couple of days of its Kickstarter campaign.</p><p>With that secured, developer Pixelated Milk is now offering a PS Vita version of the game to anyone who pledges $25 to the game's Kickstarter, now in its final day.</p><p>Alternatively, you can get the PS4 version instead of the PS Vita version. Either way, you should still get a PC copy of the game as well.</p><p>As we've covered before, Regalia gives you two in-game years to restore the kingdom of your family. Your progress is checked every three months and if it's not up to snuff then you fail.</p>.

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