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<p>If you're not really a Valentine's Day kind of person, you may enjoy hacking up camp kids in Slayaway Camp.</p><p>This 80s horror movie-inspired puzzler pits you, a Jason Voorhees-like character, against a bunch of unsuspecting kids, camp councilors, and police officials. The aim of the game: kill them all. Mua-ha-ha-ha!</p><p>Originally released on Steam last year, the isometric slide-puzzler Slayaway Camp follows a similar suit to Red's Kingdom in the sense that you move in one direction until you hit an obstacle. If that obstacle happens to be a blocky human standing alone, well, get ready for the brutal kill shots.</p><p>With 10 video tapes containing over 200 gut-wrenching levels, there's plenty to get stuck into, and don't worry we know you're not a psychopath...maybe.</p><p>Grab Slayaway Camp on the App Store for £2.99/$2.99 now.</p>.

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