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<p>Capcom has unveiled more details on its cutesy Monster Hunter spin-off Monster Hunter Stories through a new website (Japanese only).</p><p>When it was first announced back in April this year, we noted that Monster Hunter Stories has a "colourful art style, miniature monsters, and anime-like animations."</p><p>In general, it's a little less intimidating, and seems like it may appeal to younger players as well as act as a gateway drug for those not already addicted to the series.</p><p>This is reflected in the fact that you don't play a Hunter in the game. Yep, it's a first for the series. Instead, you play as a Monster Rider.</p><p>The mounts that you can see in the trailer below are known as "Otomon." They are raised from birth after you find an egg around the game's world.</p>.

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