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<p>Solo developer Philipp Stollenmayer of Kamibox has let us know that he's rolled out an update for his minimalist iOS puzzler Okay? that adds more levels.</p><p>He describes it as being a "red level pack" with no extra details given. The update notes on the App Store simply say: "+25".</p><p>Putting two-and-two together, we gather that there are 25 levels to this red level pack. So, expect more aim-and-shooting action, just with red levels instead of white.</p><p>Stollenmayer also told us that Okay? has been downloaded over three million times since it was launched back in February. Not bad at all.</p><p>The game is free to download so this high number doesn't necessary mean it's a huge money maker. In fact, as we covered before, only two percent of Okay?'s players paid anything for it.</p><p>But that they paid anything at all is a small victory considering that the IAPs don't net you anything - it's considered a tip, and nothing more.</p><p>Anyway, you can download Okay? yourself for free on the App Store and get these new levels right now.</p>.

GAME NAME Forge of Empires

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com.sigmateam.Forge of

used car tycoon mod apk latest version(MOD (Free Purchase) v1.3.214):

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