Terms and Conditions


You must read carefully,understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this membership agreement by marking "I Aceept"


If you do not agree to all the terms and of this agreement,KorClix is unwilling to allow you to become a member


Member found violating the TOS will have their account terminated,and any referrals or commission will be lost.



KorClix does not permit using the forum for sending advertisements.Members found using these services to send spam,ask users to join programs,bait members into asking for more information,or in any way using these services for promotion may find their access to the forum revoked.Rapeated offenses will result account suspension and/or permanent banning.



all payment are to be made using the links available at "your account".No other method of payment will be accepted.

 For Free Members ( NON INVESTOR) request withdraw to PAYPAL,

If need to PAYEER or PM must have adfund minimum for verified. 

Payment processors support & Refund policy

all payment are non-refundable.

All purchased items are non refundable as the items are instantly delivered upon purchase.

KorClix team record all oredres invoices as well as all transaction ids and the IPs of our clients.In a case of need to proof the instant delivery of our items,we keep all documents in a good condition.The KorClix  Terms of Service are visible on every page of the site too.You also agreed to these terms while registering.

In case user opens dispute against KorClix Advertiseng for purchase item,it will lead to immediate account suspension and your IP address will be blacklisted

all chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payment will lead to an immediate account suspension.


Members Terms

You must have valid email address upon your withdrawal request

You are not allowed to send money to another person's payment processors account

for every  withdraw we will count ROI.

The members from Vietnam must have a paid membership to be able to recieve a payment.Payment request from Vietnamese that have no paid Upgrade will be deleted and account will be suspended.

all payment will be send to the preferred account and cant not be canceled or refunded.Make sure all payment details are filled in correctly.We do not take responsibilities for funds that are sent to wron addresses and/or account.

For security reason,Payment processors id used for withdraw must match with the ones used for deposits.

Payment  processors for free users must be verified.

 only members who deposit can use non verifed payment processors

For security reason we reserve the right to gather more information of the accounts holder,such as name,address,email,in oreder to verify and protect our site against suspicious actions.

We will process the payment within 15 business days duo to security reason.Non-Business days are saturday and sunday,as well as all internation holidays.

A payment proof post in our forum is required, in order to be able to receive your next payment.We have a payment proof section in our forum so you may share your payments proof with other members.this rule applies for all members.

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